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[Sell] G5 Case, little scratches - cutted to house an atx tray.


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I'm selling this case that i'm not using anymore, is not in a very good shape, with some scratches and with the back side cutted to house an atx tray (that i can include but i suggest you to use a new one) 

the only price i can accept is 50€ + shipping (around 15€) or i prefer just to keep it to use it as a little table. XD



Reference picture with obviously not included hardware




Empty case, a little dirty, with the old tray in.


this G5 case mod was one of the worse i've ever seen, but the case is in a good condition not mint, but still good, it could be a great start for a cool new g5 mod, it would be cool to repaint it, but it's still beautiful to see.


if someone shows some interest i can upload new more detailed pictures.




i forgot to say that it has a working front panel board and untouched drivers bay and working door system and optical disc door.

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