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OSX won't start after chameleon update


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Hi all, today I opened Chameleon Wizard and it showed me an update. I did the update, no problem at all, but then I rebooted and I saw it created a mess:
I got 2 options, one is "??" and the other is "Windows ??", before I had "Mavericks" and "Windows 8".
If I choose the "??" it shows the background image for a second, then the boot screen (grey with the apple logo) for few millis and then it reboots my PC. 
If I choose the "Windows ??" it shows me 2 other options: "Mavericks" and "Windows 8", if I choose Windows 8 it loads Windows, if I choose Mavericks it happens the same thing as before (background image for a second, then the boot screen for some millis, then it reboots).
So I can't boot anymore in Mavericks!
At the beginning i installed the Boot0md (cause I've got 2 hdds), maybe in the update it installed something different? What can I do?
Help Please icon_e_sad.gificon_cry.gif

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