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Asus G1S OSX86 Mountain Lion (everything but sleep mode ?!)


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hello everybody. I need help getting my ASUS G1S Laptop FINISHED*

I have everything working.. I mean everything!!
bluetooth, wifi, cpu, gpu, webcam (is a hacked macbook webcam!), sound, specs, ports (even firewire!) ..

BUT my last thing on this list is SLEEP MODE. It will not work.. I get spinning fans and black screen ( I have tried without my DVD drive and NO USB or anything external plugged in ) .. I have tried darkwake=0 , I have tried SleepEnabler.Kext, I tried doing the PATCHSSDT .. And still I have had no luck.

Does anybody have any insight for me ?? :) thanks for all the wonderful information. I love my HackBook Pro :)

HERE are pictures of my system. Chameleon Version and BOOT.plist specs are in pics. Thanks!



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download Intel Power Gadget to see if your CPU frequencies are varying - if they're moving, your C & P states are working - then the sleep should work. If not, you have to turn it on. You don't have to generate ssdt.aml, just don't use "dropssdt", you need to check "generate C states and P states" in chameleon. If you use the wrong SMBios, it won't work either. Try different SMBios to see if the speed steps are working.


Mine is i5-3317u, but if I use SMBios for i5-3317u (Ivy Bridge) from either chameleon or champlist, it won't work, I have to use the SMBios for "sandy bridge".


details on my speed steps generation.





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