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  1. Nevermind! https://betastuff.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/dl-links-safari-7-1-for-os-10-5678-fix-unsupported-browsers/
  2. Hello ! I have been anoyed with UNSUPPORTED SAFARI VERSION. So I have been putting together a few versions of "mildy" modified safari app.. 10.5/6/7/8 and I have mad a SAFARI uninstaller app.. These safari versions feature a very small internal MOD making them identify and act as Version 7.1 instead of 5 or 6.x.x or whatever, bypassing the BS.. Question: Am i allowed to post a DOWNLOAD link of my current / beta/final release to the forums here ?? Or should i keep this soley private ?? Thank you for any help )
  3. Unfortunatly i have tried most everything and still cannot get sleep working .. However my system is running better than ever (and now I am at 10.8.5 using the combo update from @pple . Com !!!
  4. hello everybody. I need help getting my ASUS G1S Laptop FINISHED* I have everything working.. I mean everything!! bluetooth, wifi, cpu, gpu, webcam (is a hacked macbook webcam!), sound, specs, ports (even firewire!) .. BUT my last thing on this list is SLEEP MODE. It will not work.. I get spinning fans and black screen ( I have tried without my DVD drive and NO USB or anything external plugged in ) .. I have tried darkwake=0 , I have tried SleepEnabler.Kext, I tried doing the PATCHSSDT .. And still I have had no luck. Does anybody have any insight for me ?? thanks for all the wonderful information. I love my HackBook Pro HERE are pictures of my system. Chameleon Version and BOOT.plist specs are in pics. Thanks!