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NTFS mounted drives get number attached, counting up every remount


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i have a strange problem with my osx installation right now.
Everytime a Drive gets mounted it adds a number at the end of the name that counts up every remount.

For Example, i have a USB Stick which is labled "USB Stick".
OSX automounts it as "USB STICK 2", then after remounted "USB STICK 3" and so on.
This is kind annoying because it also happens on my builin NTFS Drives, filepath change every remount.

I dont know when exactly when it first happened, but i noticed it first after the installation of ntfs-3g and my manual edit of the /etc/fstab.

I installed ntfs-3g (Brew.sh method) and edited /etc/fstab to stop the automount of 2 Windows System Paritions.


UUID=22B40C6E-845A-4754-A6FE-64A926609973 none ntfs rw,noauto
LABEL=System-reserviert none ntfs ro,noauto 0 0

Anyidea how to fix this?

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