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hard disk problem


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Today after restarting the computer I got this screen 




I read that it is an error due to the bios that reads the network card (third preference) jumping hard drives and USB. When I start the computer I can not load the operating system from the hard disk and from the usb. how to solve? is there a way to format the hd from the bios? 

please help I do not know what to do

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have this problem with my old corsaire ssd sata II (each time I shutdown my pc)


what I do to solve this? nothing special, just boot on your bios (touch F2, DEL...) and then F10 to save settings and reboot.



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I install windows 8 finally.

I redid the USB stick by following the guide but when i start the pc, the bios doesn't boot from the usb, while it still recognizing it.  why it do it like this?

I tried to run the installation from the same USB on an imac and it worked

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What guide?!


How can we help you, when

- we don't know how you built your USB installer?

- we don't know anything about your hardware?


If you're booting in UEFI mode, you can't use Chameleon. You have to use Clover.


If you don't know what a CMOS reset is, now is a good time to read your motherboard manual.

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i buit the usb with Pandora tool

aptop with the following features: 

Intel Core I5 

Hard drive 128GB SSD, 

13.3 inch LED back light LCD 16:9, resolution 1366X768 

Memory 4GB DDR 3 RAM, 

Graphicals Graphics card Integrated Intel HD 4000, 760MB 

Wireless WiFi 802.11 B / G / N roadcom 4313GN Realtek PCIe FE family

Camera Built-in 1.3MP 

Integrated sound card 

Microphone and earphone connection 

Built-in microphone 

Internet Connection Wireless LAN, 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/gn ago 

External USB 2.0 ports × 2 

Built-in microphone * 1 

Power source connection * 1 

The three-in-one reads card * 1 

battery 19V, 65W, 3.5A 

8 core battery, polymer battery, 8400mAh



I was reminded of one thing, before I install windows 8 after the problem that I had, I formatted all the hard drive with GParted so I think I will not start because I deleted the partition that is used to start on a ssd for the installation of Mavericks. is it possible? how to be a formatted hard disk to be able to install from usb Mavericks? 


please answer me to the last question I need to know how to be a hard disk before starting the installation to return everything as it was before. At first I was able to complete the installation of mavericks

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i put all the photo of the bios, the pc recognize the usb but the install dosen't start please help me 














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