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25 Year Windows user and bought first MBA yesterday :)


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I have always owned a windows pc or laptop for the last 25 years. We have had issues with Windows laptops over the years failing and after we've owned a higher end Asus for a year and it is starting to have issues that a fresh reinstall didn't fix I started looking into Macs. I was a bit apprehensive because the few times I had messed with them I didn't know what the hell I was doing and I always felt they were over hyped. I just purchased a 2012 MBA and I am very impressed at the build quality, ease of use(once you get the hang of gestures and keys), and the way everything meshes. Overall I am very happy to be an owner of one and doubt that I will go back to Windows. It costs a bit more for mac's but retains value and hopefully lasts longer :)

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I use my laptops for school, browsing and streaming to roku. With Windows Laptops I had went through top brands, but being a laptop and not a PC it is much more tedious to repair them. Which the MBA I am hoping to get a few years out of it. I have no problem paying more for a product that will last me. Hopefully this is the case with my new MBA and I get a good 3 years out of it. Either way, no product is without it's flaws.

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