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JaS 10.4.6: Install works, but boot into finder failed


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Hi there,


I just bought a new Samsung SP2004C SATAII-HD with 200gig and tried to install OSX on it.


I have a working OSX on a 160gig Samsung IDE. But I wanted to install a 'fresh' OSX to the new HD and wanted to copy my whole stuff from the old 160gig to the new 200gig....



The installation works 100%, if i have the IDE-HD connected the Hackint0sh won't boot into the finder. Just a blue screen appears with the mouse on it - nothing more.


I tried to import my stuff and boot into OSX - impossible!


Finally I insert the Install-DVD of OSX and sterted the whole thing in verbose-mode to find what`s wrong.

therwise it won't found the OSX-partition on the HD.


The last message is:


" AppleHDA.kext failed to load: unable to locate 'layout-id' property.

Still waiting for root device "


My hardware specs are Asus P5LD2 Deluxe (BIOS 0603), two mentioned HDs from above, Nvidia GeForce 4000 MX 440 (PCI-Card), 512MB Corsair PC-4200 Ram,....



What does this mean and how can I boot into the finder succesfullly???



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