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No listing in chameleon for my osx just installed - question about EFI - please


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Asus Q500A - laptop

Proc I5 3230M

Intel graphics HD4000

Install method: ML Vanilla (guide from this forum) via USB

Asus MB uses UEFI - Aptio setup utility from American Megatrends


So, I'm stuck here and been researching this for a while.


Did the vanilla install via the guide on this forum. Created a partition with disk util and installed fine. On first reboot no listing in chameleon for the osx drive/partition I just installed to.


I need help understanding how the whole UEFI-GPT works. With BIOS and MBR, BIOS points to the whole disk and looks for a bootloader program on the first sectors, give control to that program and system boots from that. Not the best way to do it but it is clear.


I looked in diskutil list and there is an EFI partition created on the drive with my mac installed of about 200MB. Do I need to install chameleon (or clover or grub) on the EFI partition manually? Does chameleon have a conf file that I need to put the path to my osx partition? I tried using flags at the chameleon screen to point to my osx install but still went to my USB drive, not sure I used the correct flags. What flags do I use?


Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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