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  1. System - Laptop Asus Q551LN-BBI706 i7 4510u 2.00GHZ Nvidia 840m + Intel HD 4400 8 GB mem 500GB ssd drive I'm at my wits end, and getting ready to throw in the towel, as I'm not even getting far enough to get an error message. But thought I would post for help first. During a USB install at about a minute or so of loading files, the system just reboots. It does not hang in the loading of files, it just reboots in the middle of reading lines of files, and the lines are going by too fast for me to read were it does this. Things that I've done. Using a 10.10.3 installation file downloaded from the Apple Store. Tried several different guides using Clover, qclover, Chimera, and Chameleon. Flags tried: -x, GraphicsEnabler=No (and Yes), PCIRootUID=1,npci=0x2000, etc. The biggest clue I have of what could be happening is that when I run the install USB on my other laptop (the one I'm replacing with the one listed at the top), it boots to the install GUI no problem. Both laptops are similar, the one that works is: Asus Q500A i5 3230M Intel HD 4000 integrated (only) Not sure if the Chipset is different from the other laptop. But 2 aspects that are different are the i7 4510u and the Nvidia 840m. I found a website that lists all mac processors used and the i7 4510u has not been used yet in any mac, but the i5 3230M has. Could it be that Yosemite does not support my processor? Also, is there any way to disable the nvidia 840m? There is nothing in the bios/UEFI to let me do this. Thanks.
  2. System: Asus Q500A - laptop Proc I5 3230M Intel graphics HD4000 Install method: ML Vanilla (guide from this forum) via USB Asus MB uses UEFI - Aptio setup utility from American Megatrends
  3. System: Asus Q500A - laptop Proc I5 3230M Intel graphics HD4000 Install method: ML Vanilla (guide from this forum) via USB Asus MB uses UEFI - Aptio setup utility from American Megatrends So, I'm stuck here and been researching this for a while. Did the vanilla install via the guide on this forum. Created a partition with disk util and installed fine. On first reboot no listing in chameleon for the osx drive/partition I just installed to. I need help understanding how the whole UEFI-GPT works. With BIOS and MBR, BIOS points to the whole disk and looks for a bootloader program on the first sectors, give control to that program and system boots from that. Not the best way to do it but it is clear. I looked in diskutil list and there is an EFI partition created on the drive with my mac installed of about 200MB. Do I need to install chameleon (or clover or grub) on the EFI partition manually? Does chameleon have a conf file that I need to put the path to my osx partition? I tried using flags at the chameleon screen to point to my osx install but still went to my USB drive, not sure I used the correct flags. What flags do I use? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  4. After further research I feel that I should have installed Clover instead of Chameleon as my system is EFI GPT. The whole UEFI GPT vs BIOS MBR thing is confusing to me. I have an EFI partition on my ML Disk but when I point chameleon to it it does nothing (maybe I'm not using the right flags in chameleon). Is the bootloader (chameleon or clover) supposed to be installed on the EFI partition? How do I install Clover on the EFI partition??? At this point I cannot even load the newly installed ML disk. I have a clover boot disk, when I boot to it in gui mode it lists my ML drive with the option to boot to it but when I choice that it does nothing. can someone point me to how to use the clover boot disk to load my ML drive? Do I need to have clover installed on the ML drive to do that? If so how and where do I install clover? Thanks very much.
  5. System: Asus Q500A - laptop Proc I5 3230M Intel graphics HD4000 Install method: ML Vanilla (guide from this forum) via USB Asus MB uses UEFI - Aptio setup utility from American Megatrends Searched for hours for a solution before I posted this. I Did the USB install with no major issues, had to boot with flag UseKernelCache=no. At the first screen of the installtion I opened disk utilities and erased the entire disk that previously had windows 8 only. Then I created 2 partitions and formatted them both with mac extended journaled. After the installation the system rebooted, I removed the USB drive and now it cannot find the hard drive. I go into UEFI setup, the hard drive is listed but in the boot tab there is no option to boot to the partition for the os I just installed. Not sure why the installation did not write to UEFI to point to chameleon, but how can I get it to do that now? In the UEFI setup util in the boot tab I can add a new boot option to point to a boot loader but I don't know the syntax how to do that. I downloaded the manual for the Aptios setup utility and it was a joke, it basically went through every option with little more than the description found in the setup itself. How f***ing annoying. Can anyone tell me how I would write the path to the bootloader (chameleon) in UEFI? When I boot with the USB stick it runs installation again and at the first screen I can open a terminal and run diskutil list. It shows the USB stick as disk0 and the mac partition as disk1. Does it dynamically assign disk numbering, meaning if I did not have the USB drive plugged in and was able to boot my install would be listed as disk0? There is an EFI partition at disk1s1 of about 200MB, a EFI on the USB drive at disk0s1. Disk1s3 is where my mac install is located. Disk1s2 is the second partition I created. Thanks in advance for any help.