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Videocard drivers


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There's many threads about video card drivers here. I'm very interested in being able to run 3d games. For a new user it is very hard to find out what's going on with this (imho).


So maybe it's a good idea to make this 1 thread explaining the basics, so new users can see the big picture. I'll start of by asking some questions here. This way we can get this all in one thread centralized. If there's already such a thread, then I'm very sorry, but I didn't find it. Only information scattered among many other threads.


How can I get 3d games running in Hackintosh (osx86 on a non-mac machine)? What cards can be used? Why only these? What drivers does osx86 have (for which vidcards)? Does hackintosh have the same or is it stripped down or something? Do mac-vidcards have some special firmware, so that the drivers only work on special versions of the cards? Macs ship with a 7300GT, so will this card work in Hackintosh? If not, why not?


Basicly, I would like to know what is required before a card can be used in hackintosh for 3d (opengl) games.

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