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Z87-HD3 AppleHDA problem: no sound with guitar on GarageBand

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Hi everyone,


My problem: no output from guitar connected on computer but i'm able to record it. Garageband react but no sound is coming out from it, except from the "Count In" options for example.


My specifications: gigabyte Z87-hd3 with Realtek ALC892.


Sound output working with any other applications like itunes and so on.

Microphone indicate the input from guitar in system preferences but no sound are coming out. When I try to configure the Audio/Midi preferences in GarageBand, no changes if Built-in Output selected or other options. Same for input.


Looks like the sound input (micro) and sound output are recognized as "internal" when it should be "Line in or out" or something like that.


Anyone got a suggestion? Google search did not helped.



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Thanx toleda, I'm trying your solution.


Well, the problem looks the same, execpt that I'm able to hear directly the guitar but not through GarageBand. I'm still obliged to record it and play it back to hear the result. It is a progress but I'm kind of surprise it doesn't work well and that I'm not able to hear directly the effects applied by GarageBand directly.


I'm doing something wrong somewhere or somtehing's wrong... damned!


Thanx anyway Toleda.

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