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very unstable wifi driver.Please help...


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I have a pc that is currently running the 10.9.1 version of osx and I am experiencing some issues regarding the stability of the wifi drivers.The chipset of the wifi stick is the RTL8188SU.I have installed the original drivers from the realtek support page and I can succefully connect to access points for a while.First of all,despite the fact that I have created a profile for a access point that is identified as the default profile(since it is the only one I created and it is marked with an asterisk as default),it does not connect automatically to the access point.However,this is not the most serious problem.The biggest problem is that every 10 to 20 minutes the graphical interface "restarts"(while the main app appeared on the dock doesn't)and as a result it disconnects.When I try to reconnect,sometimes it doesn't succeed and then I have to turn off and then on the device from the interface in order to connect.I have also tried with a wifi stick that has the rt2870 chipset but when I try to open the graphical interface,it disappears rapidly.I have been experiencing this issue since lion (10.7).I am also sharing internet to another pc from the stick through the integrated ethernet card.Other usb devices work like a charm.




Here's a snapshot from the console.



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