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  1. Hello, I have connected through displayport a GTX 670 and the Dell P2715Q which supports 10bit color depth "mode". Under system profiler, it shows me that I get only 8bit color depth while I have seen other people (especially with maxwell GPUs) achieving 10bit color depth ( argb2101010 under system profiler ) with the same display as me. My build is identified as iMac12,2 and it is running OS X 10.11.6. Can anyone explain to me how to enable 10 bit color depth mode? Thanks! imac.tiff
  2. Bizarre clover and cpu pm issue...

    The ssdt is not changed (turbo=3800) but somehow I hadn't had any problems with the OC in yosemite. The cpu would normally go up to 4GHz(pstates 16,35-40). I tried generating a ssdt with -turbo 4000 now but that didn't work because i got the same message and now I will try changing one core to a different maximum turbo freq and also the ssdt. Also, if I set the turbo ratio to "auto" (3800), el capitan will boot normally but if I set the turbo ratio to 3800 manually (the same thing), all I get is the "pstate error 18 on cpu..." message. When I try to boot with a macmini5,x smbios,I get a black screen (indicating that the gpu is not working) and If I try to use the macbookpro8,x smbios,it restarts automatically after a "ACPI SENSORS 1 " message. Nevertheless, now that I know I can get more states I will experiment with other smbios files when I get through my current problem. Also sometimes, out of the blue, I get kernel panics on boot always regarding the aicpupm kext (even when I use stock frequency).Is this, along with the other issue with the "second" boot, related to clover? thanks for the response! Apart from the darwindumper files, I also attached some logs from the random kernel panics. DarwinDumper_2.9.9.1_AMI_X64_3320_Cap_aristos.zip panics.zip
  3. Hello, A few days ago,I began experimenting with OS 10.11 so as to replace my older yosemite installation.I am using clover 3320 together with a custom dsdt for my asus p8z68 vpro motherboard (just sound patches), a ssdt generated by ssdtprgen for my i7 2600k and a slightly changed config.plist from the yosemite installation.Everything is working fine except the cpu power management. When I boot with my ssdt,it hangs and i can see the message: "p-state error 18 on cpu...".It is actually the first time ever I experience this problem.If I try to boot 2 consecutive times with the "ignoring caches" enabled, it will work properly.The first time I boot without using caches,it fails.I understand that if I delete the kext caches and repair the permissions,the problem may go away but I need to know why clover behaves like that ( why my changes are having effect only on the next (second) boot) and why I have this problem with the p-states while I believe I have a correct ssdt. So why clover can't apply my changes on the first boot? Also,the p states i was always getting with the imac12,2 smbios are: 16 34 35 36 37 38 39 40.(I have oc'ed it a little bit) Is there any way to get more p states between 1600-3400mhz? keep in mind that i use a discrete gpu so I think that the macmini smbios is not really an option.Am I wrong? does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have a lenovo g565 which has the ATI Mobility 4250 4200 (0x9712 id).I have successfully booted ML 10.8.5, SL 10.6.3 and 10.6.7 but the only problem is the graphics card.I am able to change resolution by installing dong's RadeonHD.kext (framebuffer).I want to patch the framebuffer personalities in the apple kexts (as seen in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/252061-mobility-radeon-hd-4650full-resolution-with-qe-ci-working-on-internal-lvds-screen/?do=findComment&comment=1655182 ) but this card,despite being based in the RV620 graphics processor ( "iago" framebuffer, compatible), it is integrated into the RS880m chipset (igp), and as result it uses part of the system ram to operate and it does not have separate VRAM.Because of that, I don't know which framebuffer to patch.I have successfully used radeondumptool and radeonhd in debug mode to capture the necessary logs for this operation (attachments).The ati.c file which is used in chameleon, uses "null" as the framebuffer for the RS880. ati.c: http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chameleon/trunk/i386/libsaio/ati.c PS: Despite being 100% sure that me card is the 4250 (0x9712) ,the card's id in ati.c is 0x9715.Why? Edit: the gpu is the ati mobility 4200 Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance Encoder.txt connector.txt
  5. Hello, I have a pc that is currently running the 10.9.1 version of osx and I am experiencing some issues regarding the stability of the wifi drivers.The chipset of the wifi stick is the RTL8188SU.I have installed the original drivers from the realtek support page and I can succefully connect to access points for a while.First of all,despite the fact that I have created a profile for a access point that is identified as the default profile(since it is the only one I created and it is marked with an asterisk as default),it does not connect automatically to the access point.However,this is not the most serious problem.The biggest problem is that every 10 to 20 minutes the graphical interface "restarts"(while the main app appeared on the dock doesn't)and as a result it disconnects.When I try to reconnect,sometimes it doesn't succeed and then I have to turn off and then on the device from the interface in order to connect.I have also tried with a wifi stick that has the rt2870 chipset but when I try to open the graphical interface,it disappears rapidly.I have been experiencing this issue since lion (10.7).I am also sharing internet to another pc from the stick through the integrated ethernet card.Other usb devices work like a charm. Thanks... Here's a snapshot from the console.
  6. SSD maintenance?

    Thank you for all your quick answers!
  7. Hello, I have bought a brand new samsung 840 series 120gb SSD.I'm very satisfied with it as it boots rapidly and all the system is now much more faster. In order to extend its lifespan,I've enabled TRIM with trimenabler.Is there anything I can do to extend its lifespan because I have heard that in windows you should change firefox setting and other optimisations.Are those optimisations necessary in a mac?It's my first SSD and I don't know how to treat it. Thank you...
  8. I think you should try again making the installation disk by following another guide to be sure. This worked for me --> http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/04/easy-way-to-install-mountain-lion-on-pc.html PS: Your pc seems to be ok for hackintosh.
  9. Your chameleon possibly can't load the mountain lion kernel. You can try the chameleon from this package: bit.ly/zPwxDS It works for me! I found it there: http://thetecherra.com/2012/02/17/tutorial-run-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-on-a-pc-hackintoshosx86-from-start-to-finish-2/
  10. (SOLVED)Can't boot chameleon from HDD.

    Solved!!! I took my hdd to another pc to see if chameleon boots and it did the same problem so I bought a brand new HDD and reinstalled mac and the problem got away.This disk is possibly broken...
  11. Hello! 8 months ago,I bought some PC parts so as to make a brand new PC.After a few days,I had successfully Installed os x lion to the ASUS p8z68 v pro mainboard with the i7 2600k cpu.All are working perfectly, but every time I have to boot from a boot cd(rboot) because when I set the bios to boot from the HDD it shows Me only a "_" blinking.I tried with snow leopard with the same results.That does not allow me to change Files like smbios.plist etc.I get used with the problem but now I want to install mountain lion and there's no A boot cd.I don't know what to do.I have tried everything.With my older pc(gigabyte p35-ds4) I haven't problem like this.Can you help me?Has anyone this problem? Thanks in advance...
  12. help with snow leopard

    Hello! I have a problem a I want your help.I have a excellent working hackintosh machine,which is ideneb1.6 lite 10.5.8.Now,I want to upgrade to snow leopard.Can you help me choosing a distro or show me guide by using a retail DVD? my computer: mobo:gigabyte p35-ds4 cpu:intel e8400 core two duo 3ghz ram:2gb(2x1) 800mhz kingston Thanks....................
  13. Hello! I have a computer with ideneb 1.6 10.5.8.Because of the new apps that apple release i want to upgrade to snow. I've tried so many things but nothing.Can you help me? MY COMPUTER: mobo:gigabyte p35-ds4 cpu=intel core 2 duo e8400 3ghz graphics=asus en8800gts 512mb ram=kingston 2x1gb 800mhz
  14. upgrade to snow leopard?

    Hello! I have a hp mini 110 with ideneb 1.3 10.5.5.Last week I updated to 10.5.8 with apple software update.Now I want to update to snow leopard.Will I have problem(s)? Thanks... --------------------------------- Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Greece.
  15. Introduce yourself.

    Hello! My username is apple32.I've got 2 hackintosh enabled computers.One desktop and a netbook.Very nice forum.