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Upgrade or Start New Build?

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Work has been good and provided me with a MacBook Pro for the last few years, currently it's a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. Because of this I have put off doing much to my old Desktop at home. I play some games on it, but for the most part it just sits there. I will be changing jobs and will have to turn in my laptop. I only have $300 to put into a computer at this time, working on paying off some debt, and I am wondering, do I upgrade or start a new build?


This is my current setup:


CPU: Core 2 Duo E7300



RAM: 6GBs DDR2 800


If I were to start a new build I would need to carry over my Graphics card, but I could pickup a low end i5 and 8GBs of RAM. 


When looking at the i5 is it worth going Haswell? I have read that Broadwell won't be compatible with current Haswell MOBOs.


Again, this is used for light gaming. Mainly Sims 3 (with my 5 year old) LEGO games, some Skyrim and Civ 5.

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