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Help Me Please With My GFX Card !

Noo Namee

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Hello everybody!


I have Dell Precision Workstation T5400


after install niresh 10.8.2 successful, restart, see apple logo and screen goes black, I deleted all Nvidia kext, after delete mac open normally.


after install my Nvidia Card driver and restart screen goes black after apple logo.


I tried



GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No


IGPEnabler=Yes and No


PCIRootUID= 1 and 0


UseKernelCache=Yes and No


So what should i do?


Please help me fast .. really i need it !! sad.png



My Nvidia driver i had been downloaded from nvidia site


My PC Specifications:


Dell Precision Workstation T5400

CPU: Intel Xeon E5410

Ram: 8 GB


GFX: Nvidia Quadro Fx 4800


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Try PCIRootUID=1 and npci=0x2000, both commands seperated by a space bar.


EDIT: i see you're using some distro, if you want your computer to work properly - you have to use a vanilla installation instead.

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