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ATI Hd 3650 mobility framebuffer - qe/ci


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Hello to this great forum!

I wanted to make you a question, hoping in an answer.

I've installed a spinoff of ox86, 10.5.7 (leopard) on my netbbok, a toshiba A300-1IL.

As expected, the video card (that in topic title), just after first reboot, don't work.

So, after MANY searches around internet and experiments, i've tried some roads.

First thing, i've installed ati 3650 mobility test 1, found in other posts and after i could boot in normal mode.

In sytem profiler video card is correctly seen, but resolution is wrong.

First win! :-)

After, i've installed this radeonhd.kext with kexthelper.

Now, i'm able to select right resolution. Another yaeh! :-)

But now, i'm stuck with qe/ci thing.

I don't have any atiradeonx2000 fro acceleration, because, if i install it, after reboot screen go crazy.


So, what do you think? Can i make something?

After these tries, i'm feeling very complicated.... :-(


Thanks in advance for any helping, god bless you....


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