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AMD Mavericks Post-Installation Graphics/Sound Problems


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I recently installed mavericks to my PC with Niresh's Distro and i have a few issues with sound/graphics.



CPU: AMD Phenom II 960T

MOBO: Asus M5A78L-M/USB-3

GPU: Sapphire 280X Vapor-X 3GB GPU




My first problem is that sound stutters/is choppy.

I have read that some people only get this problem when their mouse is still however I experience it all of the time.

I have tried installing voodooHDA.kext with ##### which either did not solve the issue or completely stopped playback or caused a kernel panic.


Secondly, the whole OS seems very laggy, especially in safari, iTunes and launchpad.

I have checked System Profiler and it appears that the GPU is being recognised. (I using boot flag GraphicsEnabler=Yes)





Thanks in advance

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Hi Mitchell, I guess we have the same problem. I was able to solve the choppy sound problem by installing a VoodooHDA kext, I have the correct version at home... I will try and upload the kext for you when I get home. The next problem I have is that the sound and video is not in sync with each other...

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