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  1. Almost full functioning Mavericks

    I do now use Sintek's v4 kernel and I must say Mavericks is performing very good. I have this 1 last issue still, video and audio is heavily out-of-sync can some one help me please? I tried a lot of things already.... EDIT: Solved by installing Adobe Flash Player for Mac OSX
  2. AMD Mavericks Post-Installation Graphics/Sound Problems

    Hi Mitchell, you should try this one https://db.tt/qQtbabtN , credits for ADHDMedia for posting this kext... Also see post #97 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285110-amd-working-builds/page-5
  3. AMD Mavericks Post-Installation Graphics/Sound Problems

    Hi Mitchell, I guess we have the same problem. I was able to solve the choppy sound problem by installing a VoodooHDA kext, I have the correct version at home... I will try and upload the kext for you when I get home. The next problem I have is that the sound and video is not in sync with each other...
  4. Almost full functioning Mavericks

    Hi Macnoobster, I checked my BIOS settings and C1E support was allready disabled along with the cool'n'quit setting... Thanks anyway for helping
  5. Almost full functioning Mavericks

    Hi Macnoobster, thanks for your reply. I will test it as soon as I got some spare time. I will report back to you with my results.
  6. Almost full functioning Mavericks

    Thanks to this great community I have a almost fully functioning Mavericks installation. I have one last problem: My video is out of sync with the sound for example when I watch YouTube video's. I tried turning on SSE2 on the VoodooHDA preferences, without succes. I also tried VoodooTSCSyncAMD.kext, without succes. I feel like I am so close to a perfeect Mavericks install and would like to fix this last issue. Any help/comment/advise is welcome! Thanks in advanced.
  7. Mavericks on Asus M4A87TD

    Hey Tragediana I did some extra research at home. I fixed the mouse movement problem by booting with GraphicsEnabler=No. Now I only have this problem when watching movies. The sound is not in sync with the movie. Any other suggestions then VoodooTSCSyncAMD? I installed the kext, repaired permissions and rebooted, but the problem still exists... Thanks a lot already so far !!
  8. Mavericks on Asus M4A87TD

    Thanks Tragediana, I can confirm that the sound is now working flawless with the VooDooHDA kext and my second display is also working. I do now have 1 last problem: My youtube video and sound is not in sync and the mouse is stuttering every now and then. I guess it will have something to do with the graphics? Does anyone has an idea? I also took a screenshot of my system information: graphics
  9. Mavericks on Asus M4A87TD

    Thanks alot I will try this at home. My monitors are both connected by DVI. I can try your solution and connect 1 by HDMI. I will give you feedback after I ran the tests.
  10. Mavericks on Asus M4A87TD

    Hi all I succeeded in installing Mavericks with the Niresh distro. I have 2 problems: 1. Multiple desktop setup is not working (Sapphire Radeon 6870), Mac does recognise my second display but nothing is showing on the second monitor. 2. I got very choppy sound, my sound card specification: VIA VT1818 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC. I was hoping that some one could help me out on this one. Any help/comment is appreciated, thanks!
  11. Does anyone has experience with mountain lion and my motherboard: m4a87td? My cpu AMD Phenom II x6 1075T will work and my videocard will too AMD Radeon 6870, but I am not sure about my motherboard.
  12. Any solution on ALC662 Mic input / Output

    Ok guys yesterday I searched again with DSDT editor. I cannot find any HDEF or AZAL records... What to do? If I am correct then all my hardware is defined in this DSDT file? Please any help on this final step? Thanks in advanced.
  13. Any solution on ALC662 Mic input / Output

    Hi Dr. Hunt, I think I prefer your last method along with the kext from Dino. But what do you mean with azal? Never heard about that. I tried to start an DSDT editor yesterday. When I choose "Extract DSDT" I got a whole list with codes. And then I need to search for Device (AZAL)? Then replace it with your lines provided? Thanks in advanced guys if this works I got a perfect Mac OSX!!
  14. Any solution on ALC662 Mic input / Output

    Hey Dino7777, Thanks alot, I will try this as soon as I have alot of spare time !
  15. I have ALC662 audio onboard and from what I've read on forums there are only 2 options if you wish to use a microphone. Or you can use the microphone and you have no sound output, or you have sound output and you have no mic. Does any1 in here know if there will be a solution to this, or maybe any work in progress? Greetings