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my tweaks so far


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p4 3.1 ghz

radeon 9750 pro

abit as8 motherboard


first i instaleld callisto with this guide


i got qe and ci to work but i had mouse tearing and a noise when i moved over icons. next i did this tweak that took out qe and ci.


this took out mouse tearing and ci. good stuff. but then i couldnt switch users it would freeze my computer so i did this.


this worked without cube but it did let me switch users. so then in redid qe and ci and i had the cube but with mouse tearing and the noise was back. so i took out qe and ci and that is where im at now. i have the resolution i want, no qe and ci, i can switch users without my comp freezing. the only thing i have now is when my comp goes into screensaver it goes crazy, so i just turned screen saver off for now. but this is what i have done and the results. jsut though that i would share.

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Hi nownot,


the problem without QE and CI is that you won't be able to run a large number of apps, including frontrow.

Depends on what you want to do with OSX, but if you want to have the full experience you have to enable it,

and maybe get rid of the tearing by using one of these programs to minimize it.

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