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This is the same idea as Robert Tomsick's Antipop installer. For some reason it didn't work in mavericks so I decided to make my own implementation.



  1. Can not fix initial pop from booting computer.
  2. Can not fix pop for waking from sleep.
  3. After switching audio sources there may be a pop.

Download this program. http://www.soma-zone.com/LaunchControl/ and maybe pay this guy ;)

It will make it easier to create a custom launchctl


Step 1: Create the antipop shell script

say " "

Save this file to /Library/antipop.sh (I'm not sure if this is the best location but it's where I put my script)


Use terminal to make this file executable

chmod +x /Library/antipop.sh

Step 2:

Create a launchctl job using Launch Control like this.


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