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    • By yaoqb
      i have strange glitch problem on my fresh 10.13.2 install
      the glitch trigered randomly
      it may start from subtitle video from firefox or some transparent panel from a program like clover configurator
      then the whole desktop will have the graphic glitch every program will be affected
      the glitch may clear when toggle the program window zoom in and out but will be likely popup again until restart the system
      the glitch can even be captured by the system's own screenshot short cut
      the following method i try didnt work
      nvidia webdriver latest lilu with NvidiaGraphicsFixup different powermanagement setting

    • By macosappstore1337
      Attempted fixes:
      - Using MaciASL to patch a clean DSDT for Sabertooth z77 - no change upon installation of DSDT file.
      - Using UEFIPatch to patch my bios with sandy bridge power management - no change after flashing
      - Downloading a pre-patched bios for hackintosh pm - no change 
      - Fiddling with bios settings endlessly
      Any ideas? Guiz?
    • By CoBrA2168
      Hey guys.
      I've got a pretty good hack setup with Clover running OSX Yosemite 10.10 final.  Everything seems to be working great including speedstep, WiFi, Bluetooth, TRIM support, etc.  Just like Mavericks.  The specs of my machine are in my signature.
      However, there is one issue I can't seem to tackle that I was hoping someone could help me with.  It involves sleep/wake and USB devices.  Let me describe the issue.
      I can force sleep or auto sleep my computer with no issues.  The monitors shut off, fans shut down, USB devices power down.  Computer sleeps fine (however, I have the RTC alarm wake issue, but that's unrelated...).
      The problem is with waking and USB.  Particularly with my USB Logitech camera, the C615.  No matter what I do, I can no longer use Sleep/wake correctly with this camera plugged in.  I've played with a setting in the BIOS which seems to affect the outcome, but either way it does not work correctly.  The setting I'm changing is "CPU PLL Voltage Override" in the advanced frequency settings of the CPU in the BIOS.
      By default this is set to "Auto."  When set to auto I notice this when I sleep/wake.
      1. Sleep time is about 20-30 seconds, no issues there.
      2. With the USB camera plugged in during the sleep, when I wake my computer will immediately reboot before my monitors even have a chance to wake.  Upon reentering OSX, I receive the notice that "your computer restarted due to a crash" message from Apple.  If I look at the log, it looks like a USB kext is the fault...
      3. With the USB camera not plugged in at all, my computer can wake fine.  The monitors do not automatically come awake though, I need to press a key on the keyboard or button on the mouse to further wake the displays.  When returning to OSX after this wake, my mouse is jumpy for a few minutes (no big deal) and I can continue using USB devices as normal (plugging in new ones causes no issues).
      When I set this to "Disabled" (as recommended by some users of this board), I notice very different behavior with sleep/wake.
      1. Sleep time is also 20-30 seconds, no issues with the sleep process.
      2. With the USB camera plugged in during sleep, I can now wake my computer without a restart crash.  However, when attempting to actually use the camera after wake, any apps that use the camera report that there is no camera plugged in.  It does seem that the microphone works though even after wake.
      3. However after a wake with this setting disabled, any USB devices that I plug in after the wake will cause my computer to instantly KP.  Even a USB thumb drive.
      4. When I wake with this setting disabled, I see no mouse jumps and my monitors "automatically" wake without having to press an extra key or mouse click.  Very odd and confusing...
      For now I have the setting set to Auto since this provides me with a more stable solution for now.  I simply do not use the camera anymore.  However, this was never an issue with Mavericks 10.9.5 + Clover, only now with Yosemite.  Back when I had Mavericks installed, I had the CPU PLL Voltage set to Auto and never had any USB problems.
      Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?  I'm using a clean extracted DSDT with pjalm's patches for my board (Z77X-UD5H) and graphics.  I'm very familiar with DSDTs and how to edit them (I have a very custom one for a laptop hack that runs Mountain Lion) so I'm guessing this might have to do with the USB section in the DSDT and power management.
      I also found this thread recently: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302236-yosemite-fails-to-wake-from-sleep/  Wonder if that's my problem?
      I'd appreciate any help!
    • By theconnactic
      For those of you, like myself, who choose not buying QUO when it was on kickstarter phase and now regret for quite a while not being able to use a thunderbolt capable board with our good old Ivy Bridge CPUs, since 7-series boards vanished, and the few ones which had TB more so, that's noteworthy news. I was planning to upgrade my old i5 3570K, but perhaps I had an alternative which would allow me to keep it:
      Still thinking about it: does it still worth the price in these 8/9 Series/Haswell/Broadwell days?
    • By Asgardo
      I installed Niresh maverick 10.9 on my system with default settings:
      asrock z77 pro4-m
      16gb ram corsair vengeance
      curcial m4 256 gb
      i5 3570K
      Gigabyte GTX 660 OC
      but at first reboot i get stucked at this point:
      I tryed this kind of boots:
      GE=NO -v -f
      GE=NO -v
      GE=NO -v -f USEkernelcache=no
      but i always get stuck at that point.
      In chat somebody told me that it's a GPU problem and to try disabling some kext but now i'm at work and i cannot test ^^