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PCI-E x8 to x16 Adaptor

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I was recently given an old server, specs are comparable to a Mac Pro 3,1. However it only has a PCI-E 8x. I have read you can buy an adaptor that will allow you to use a PCI-E x16, do you think this model would work?




Mavericks installed without any problems. USB, NIC, SATA, everything was detected OOB. This weekend I am going to see if I can fit the Extended ATX mobo in an ATX tower, it's an old one someone gave to me, so I might have to do some modifying to it. ATX boards fit just fine, but I don't know about the Extended versions.



Hardware specs

MOBO: SuperMicro 7XDBE

CPU: 2 Xeon E5335


HDD: Primary 150GB Raptor

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