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Dual booting 8.1 EFI and Mavericks

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Mobo: Asus P8z77-V LX2

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti

RAM: 8 GB Crucial


Wi-Fi: TP-Link TL WN881ND (EPCI @ 300Mbps)



I've recently had a successful install of Mavericks on this build using myhack and everything is running perfectly well minus the wireless card which keeps showing connection failed. OS X runs beautifully and looks very smooth. Currently I'm booting OS X with Chimera, which is fine, but it unfortunately cannot boot windows as it cannot see the windows boot partition when it is in GPT format. Windows will boot if I go into the uefi bios settings and set windows boot manager to boot first. But its just not feasible to keep going into bios to boot either operating system. After some research I've read that the clover bootloader can see EFI installations of windows and thus boot the GPT format boot sector. Unfortunately I can't fully understand the tutorials which outline how this is done, and they all seem to apply to specific systems. I have seen the tutorial in this section but I can't understand it very well.


I'm wondering if it is possible to dual boot windows 8.1 and mavericks without using hybrid MBR so that my ssd can remain purely GPT and if anyone can shed some light on how this can be done.


Thanks in advance.

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Update: I've tried creating a Clover USB for whatever reason my system just boots past the USB and goes straight to windows as if there's nothing to boot from on the USB. Can someone please help? I want a pure GPT drive instead of hybrid but I can't install with clover because it doesn't load. Any help at all appreciated

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First of all in Bios disable Secure Boot if you have it enabled. If you have it enabled it could be the reason.

In my case I've got seperate drives for Win and Mac but I've done it like this:

I made a chameleon bootable USB and booted Mac OSX.

In Mac I downloaded Clover installer and installed it with UEFI config on MacOS drive

In Bios I took UEFI boot and as first boot device I took Mac UEFI

For me that was it.


In your case if you have only one drive and you already have bootable EFI partition you how to get to it - first of all somehow boot Mac (you can use chimera or chameleon).

In Mac OS mount your EFI drive - you could download Clover Configurator (even without having Clover yet) and when trying to run it he should ask you to mount EFI drive (so you don't have to do it in terminal :P - it's faster ;)

After mounting EFI drive make a copy of BOOT folder (Clover will overwrite MS bootloader) and install Clover for UEFI boot.

Now EFI drive should have EFI folder with three folders inside - BOOT, Microsoft and CLOVER. If that's correct you should be able to boot Clover of course after getting Bios configured properly (in Bios your UEFI Windows Boot Manager should be now UEFI OS).

It hope it helps.

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http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293574-beginners-guide-to-uefi-tripledual-boot-os-x-windows-and-linux-kali-on-an-single-true-gpt-ssd/  post #7



Fix Clover bootloader to dual boot OS X Mavericks / Windows 8.1 from ssd/hdd

After you installed windows you should notice that you can only boot windows 8. Thats normal for now.

  1. Boot from the OS X Clover usb again. (If you cant boot from usb and it goes to windows automaticly, just reset youre pc, as soon as it shows bios loading, reset it again, and then select usb as boot device)
  2. Select youre os x partition, hit spacebar, and choose with injected kext.
  3. Mount the main EFI with Clover configurator;
  4. Open the main EFI file drive on the desktop, browse to EFI/Clover and copy CLOVERX64.efi  to /EFI/Mircosoft/Boot.
  5. In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file bootmgrfw.efi to bootmgfw-orig.efi
  6. In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file CLOVERX64.EFI to bootmgfw.efi
  7. Reboot without the Clover USB

Clover entrie for Windows

attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2013-11-30 at 4.40.36 AM.png


Now you should have a working Dual boot OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1 from the interal Clover EFI partition.





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