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  1. Problem booting after install

    Thank you very much to Rampage Dev and artur-pt. Have a successful boot after changing smbios in config.plist to iMac13,2, although in the bottom left corner of the system report it says Mac mini. Best, J.
  2. Problem booting after install

    and sorry for triple post now. I reinserted the 650 Ti and tried another display and was getting error "p-state stepper error 18 at step 2 on cpu #", i then booted with the UseKernelCache=No flag and the boot finished and went into a black screen again. I then removed the card again and tried booting with the onboard graphics and i'm now getting error "p-state stepper error 18 at step 29 in context 2 on cpu #" and the system reboots. It booted fine before and now it just will not boot. Edit: i also cannot even boot to my installer usb anymore which worked perfectly fine before. I get waiting for root device error. Anybody have any ideas ? Well USB installer decided to boot and I reformatted and reinstalled and the first boot succeeded. it would seem that installing fakeSMC.kext somehow caused the issue. Weird. Still can't boot with 650 Ti. Any help appreciated of course. Best, J
  3. Problem booting after install

    Sorry for double post. Clover successfully booted Yosemite when i removed the graphics card, but of course it's very laggy and choppy. I'm actually at a loss now as I'm not sure of the post installation procedure. I don't know what kexts to install and I don't know how to fix the os for the 650 Ti, and i can't find any information anywhere Please help. regards, J
  4. Problem booting after install

    Okay mate I'll give that a go. Do you mean remove the GPU from the system? Also I'm unsure how to configure anything to get the card to work. When I installed mavericks it just worked on first boot, then after a while even mavericks had the same problem. Could it be the display ? That's the only thing that's changed since the problem began. Regards, J
  5. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with booting yosemite with clover. I followed a guide in the 10.10 installation forum called Easy Yosemite 10.10 USB Installer (Can't paste link...). The USB booted to the installer fine using -v dart=0 slide=0. Now that everything is installed I'm unable to boot to Yosemite with clover. The boot sequence runs with all the text scrolling and it seems to actually finish that sequence, then the screen goes black. The TV doesn't seem to be receiving any signals from the system as it shows what it would if the HDMI cable was unplugged. I've tried the same boot args with -x aswell with the same result. I haven't changed the clover USB since I installed yosemite either.. My build is: Mobo Asus p8z77-v LX2 gpu GeForce 650 Ti cpu core i7 2600k (no overclock) Please help me. Best, J.
  6. Update: I've tried creating a Clover USB for whatever reason my system just boots past the USB and goes straight to windows as if there's nothing to boot from on the USB. Can someone please help? I want a pure GPT drive instead of hybrid but I can't install with clover because it doesn't load. Any help at all appreciated
  7. Build: Mobo: Asus P8z77-V LX2 CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti RAM: 8 GB Crucial SSD: 120 GB SAMSUNG Wi-Fi: TP-Link TL WN881ND (EPCI @ 300Mbps) Background: I've recently had a successful install of Mavericks on this build using myhack and everything is running perfectly well minus the wireless card which keeps showing connection failed. OS X runs beautifully and looks very smooth. Currently I'm booting OS X with Chimera, which is fine, but it unfortunately cannot boot windows as it cannot see the windows boot partition when it is in GPT format. Windows will boot if I go into the uefi bios settings and set windows boot manager to boot first. But its just not feasible to keep going into bios to boot either operating system. After some research I've read that the clover bootloader can see EFI installations of windows and thus boot the GPT format boot sector. Unfortunately I can't fully understand the tutorials which outline how this is done, and they all seem to apply to specific systems. I have seen the tutorial in this section but I can't understand it very well. I'm wondering if it is possible to dual boot windows 8.1 and mavericks without using hybrid MBR so that my ssd can remain purely GPT and if anyone can shed some light on how this can be done. Thanks in advance.