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MSI Master S8M (Serverclass) Installation not working

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Hey Guys, 

maybe someone has a solution for me.

First of all the hardware: 

2x Intel Xeon 5130 Dualcore CPUs (4 the beginning... if everything works, 2 quads coming)
MSI 5000P Master-S8M (the one with SAS & Sata)
1TB / 320GB HDD

The problem is, if I try to boot it from stick and from dvd, it gets stuck at cdboot: done (or boot1:done at usb) and nothing happens (either in compatiblity mode and AHCI with the intel chipset, every possibility tried!). 

When I put in my 320GB HDD where OSX is preinstalled and works with the other build (Z77 Pro3, Celeron G530 etc) it says boot1: /boot. 

I tried many solutions but at the moment I'm totally annoyed. I know, I got some weird or.. nah, older hardware but the main idea was to build a hack pro at low cost (the board and everything runs fine with win8, though) cause it costs me about 35 euros all inclusive. 

Any help appreciated! 

Best wishes from germany, 


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