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  1. Hey Guys, maybe someone has a solution for me. First of all the hardware: 2x Intel Xeon 5130 Dualcore CPUs (4 the beginning... if everything works, 2 quads coming) MSI 5000P Master-S8M (the one with SAS & Sata) 4GB FB-DIMM DDR2 533 1TB / 320GB HDD The problem is, if I try to boot it from stick and from dvd, it gets stuck at cdboot: done (or boot1:done at usb) and nothing happens (either in compatiblity mode and AHCI with the intel chipset, every possibility tried!). When I put in my 320GB HDD where OSX is preinstalled and works with the other build (Z77 Pro3, Celeron G530 etc) it says boot1: /boot. I tried many solutions but at the moment I'm totally annoyed. I know, I got some weird or.. nah, older hardware but the main idea was to build a hack pro at low cost (the board and everything runs fine with win8, though) cause it costs me about 35 euros all inclusive. Any help appreciated! Best wishes from germany, --Michi
  2. nobody a solution? :/ i can make a video if this would help...
  3. Sapphire HD4850 1GB und OSX Lion

    Hey, es gibt da doch den Exotic-Patch oder kext, die sollte funktionieren. Meines Erachtens nach war die eben für die 4850, wollt ich auch erst aber danach merkte ich, dass bedingt durch mein Powermac G5 Umbau ich zwingend n HDMI (schnittstelle bereits angebracht) brauch und für Adapter nich genug Platz ist.. Aber damit sollte das gehen. Give it a try Beste Grüße
  4. Hey guys, in fact, that build is my 3rd hackintosh build but atm I am experiencing a problem which I didn't see before. When I try to play league of legends everything's working so far, but only in res 1600x900 and below. If I change the resolution ingame into 1920x1080 I can only use nearly 2/3 of the display (24inch benq) with the mouse, but the game seems to be appearing and working normal. everythings seen as normal as on my main system, but i cannot move the mouse further than a smaller area than the display is. When I'm back on desktop browsing etc., everything works as normal as always at 1920 res. Does somebody know there's a problem with that in some games or sth? My rig is shown in my signature. best wishes, Michi