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[AMD] Guide to install OSX 10.8.5 on Asus M4A88T-M USB3 (and similar boards?)


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Since i managed to get everything running stable i'd like to give a little guide:


before i started, i updated my bios to the latest Version 0704.


settings are just sata mode -> ahci

slep mode -> S3 only

Secure Virtualisation -> on


i will post screens of my bios to show you the settings i use





lets get started:



1. extract niresh 10.8.5 .dmg to usb.


2. boot with flag kernel=amd64 root=BaseSystem.dmg . also uncheck USB injection at PCI settings, othewise my keyboard didn't work (bluetooth logitehc thingy)


3. when opening the advanced install-options, uncheck the audio kexts, they gave me kernel panic. Install...this takes about 15 mins. when installation is finished (with error), don't reboot, open terminal and umount the install-hdd (umount -f /Volumes/whereveryouinstalled)


4 open Disk Utility and repair disk and permissions


5. reboot. boot from usb stick to reach clover, this time bootflags are npci=0x2000 -v -x -s, of course we start from the hdd we installed OSX on.


6. when you reached the single-user bash do 'fsck -f' to repair and fix again.


7. if it is finished 'exit' to boot to graphical mode.


8. you should be granted with welcome screen


9.wait till nireshs post-install stuff finishes......


10. then install kext for audio: http://www.osx86.net...or-via-vt1708s/


11. replace mach_kernel in root-directory with this one... it worked for me to escape safe-mode http://www.osx86.net...085-amd-kernel/ the original Kernel seems to not support nvidia GPUs.

      to do so, open terminal and enter 'sudo chflags nohidden /mach_kernel' to unhide the kernel. copy-paste the new kernel, then hide it again 'sudo chflags hidden /mach_kernel'


12. install clover (http://sourceforge.n.../cloverefiboot/). remeber to disable usb injection to get your input device running


13. enter 'yes > /dev/null' in a terminal to put some load on the cpu in order to get non-crackeling sound or buy a usb soundcard. mine is still on the way, i will report.


14. be happy with your amd hackintosh



A screenie of my system to show you it works wink.png





I still need to figure out howto change the smbios clover is using, since right now the PC is recognized as a MacBookPro, which prevents me from installing nvidia-cuda-drivers, since they are eclusivly for mac pro >3.1 .


Network, Graphics Usb3 is working outofthebox!


i don't know if firewire works, since i don't have any device using it.


All Apps running without problems until now (except iMessage, which gives me a freeze. i can move mouse, but all else is frozen).


geekbench+unigine heaven bench: no problem


vmware fusion with xp and linux running: no problem


seems all pretty stable to me!



I hope i could help someone! Happy hacking!



Thanx @ niresh for making this distro. without it i would still be stuck on reaching the installer wink.png


also big thanx to all the people helping me!


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