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osx 10.8.5 hd6450: in games only half screen working with mouse @1920res

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Hey guys, 


in fact, that build is my 3rd hackintosh build but atm I am experiencing a problem which I didn't see before. 


When I try to play league of legends everything's working so far, but only in res 1600x900 and below. 


If I change the resolution ingame into 1920x1080 I can only use nearly 2/3 of the display (24inch benq) with the mouse, 

but the game seems to be appearing and working normal. everythings seen as normal as on my main system, but i cannot move the mouse further than a smaller area than the display is. 

When I'm back on desktop browsing etc., everything works as normal as always at 1920 res. 


Does somebody know there's a problem with that in some games or sth?


My rig is shown in my signature. 


best wishes, 


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nobody a solution? :/ i can make a video if this would help...

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