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Clean, Single Booting

Mac it.

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Was wondering if one was to have a new blank hard drive, would one even need to bother iwth XP installation, or is a straight OS X installation possible?


I've read all the guides...all of them are for dual-booting. I tried searching the forum as well, and couldn't find a clear answer.





Northwood SSE2 CPU

80GB Primary 80GB


Radeon 9600 Pro

1GB Corsair VS Ram


Thanks a million...

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did mine straight up ... just minus all the partition 6gb to mac (at least ) blah blah blah .. started the install->disk utility (created partition formatted set to extended journaled)->fdisk set to active and continued with the install ...


dont follow what i just typed, i was trying to give you an idea of how it went :) there is another post around here about using just a single OS ... do some searching it will save you a load of headaches hehe ...



good luck.

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