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Keyboard unresponsive after UEFI update (pic attatched)


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I'm having some difficulties after my UEFI update. I can access the new BIOS just fine, but post-bios and during the bootloader screen, my keyboard is totally unresponsive. This means I can not enter the required bootflag, and during the apple boot I get an instant Kernal Panic - pic related. I think it is CPU related.


I managed to get it working once (don't know how), I entered DSDT=No and everything worked just fine. Then I ran the wizard, but I think I may have entered something wrong there, because since then i've not been able to run the KB. The lights and mouse power up from the integrated USB ports. I have tweaked all the peripherals setting to no avail.


Furthermore, downgrading to Award BIOS requires the use of the command prompt, to which I have no access due to my nonresponsive KB. If anyone could help i'd be super grateful!






h/w specs


i5 3570K

XFX HD 6450 card

1 x SSD

2 x HDD

600W PSU


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