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  1. 10.10.2 is out!

    Finally. I can upgrade from my trusty 10.9.2!
  2. I'm also looking for a PCI Tuner card that is ideally compatible with OSX and Win. My experience with USB tuners isn't great, they tend to be quite finicky. Do none exist?
  3. TP Link WN751ND

    Yes I just picked up the TP-link WN881ND. It had problems in 10.8.2 with it recognising the signal, but being unable to connect. I installed IO80211Family.kext from osx86.net, and it works just fine. It may even work native in 10.9. Just wanted to add, for future searchers The WDN4800 probably also works well.
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Greetings from London, England. I have just finished building my second hack, the first being a laptop. I have lurked this forum for many years, and I figured now is the time to come out of the shadows. I have learnt a lot from the community and just want to say thanks to you, you've probably helped me even if you don't realise it. I'm not the most experienced hack'er, but I am more than happy to contribute anything I discover on my journey to the collective.
  5. Solved the KB problem, it was this USB PCI card. Remove it! God damn it.
  6. I'm having some difficulties after my UEFI update. I can access the new BIOS just fine, but post-bios and during the bootloader screen, my keyboard is totally unresponsive. This means I can not enter the required bootflag, and during the apple boot I get an instant Kernal Panic - pic related. I think it is CPU related. I managed to get it working once (don't know how), I entered DSDT=No and everything worked just fine. Then I ran the wizard, but I think I may have entered something wrong there, because since then i've not been able to run the KB. The lights and mouse power up from the integrated USB ports. I have tweaked all the peripherals setting to no avail. Furthermore, downgrading to Award BIOS requires the use of the command prompt, to which I have no access due to my nonresponsive KB. If anyone could help i'd be super grateful! http://i.imgur.com/v4xudx4.jpg h/w specs Z68X-UD3H-B3 U1L (UEFI Beta BIOS) i5 3570K XFX HD 6450 card 1 x SSD 2 x HDD 600W PSU
  7. Mavericks - Nvidia GT 210 ?

    I got the fan based 210 and it sucked, no way to turn off full speed, so I used an ati instead.
  8. Make it quite easy to follow. www.skylineosx.com
  9. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    I am using the Asus GT 210 1GB card, with a Z68X motherboard and 10.9,1 and having some problems. Originally it wouldn't boot unless I disabled IGP, now it's running at full speed all the time. I am unsure if I can fix this, or if it's a known GPU power management issue in Mavericks, because it was OK in 10.8.5. I picked up a XFX HD 6450, was going to get the 5450 but I don't think it supports dual link DVI, only single link. It's also passively cooled, which is nice. It's only a bit more expensive than the 5450/210. I'll report back with how it goes.
  10. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Just to chime in, I am also having GPU power related issues. The fan is always running full speed. I have a cheap Asus GT 210 and has Open GL4.2. I downloaded an app from the app store called OpenGL Extensions Viewer, and apparently OpenGL 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 is only partially supported, with some things like shading and texture being unsupported. OpenGL 4.3-4.4 is totally unsupported. Just to add I am driving a 1440p DVI-D monitor, have the IGP disabled, and have a 3570K processor, Z68X-UD3H motherboard.
  11. I didn't have this problem in ML. Now I had 10.9.1, the GPU is constantly running at maximum, even when at idle. I also can't designate it as primary output in BIOS without errors and being unable to boot. I get the dreaded "PCI Configuration Begin" message. The only way to get it function is to install the GPU, then plug in the DVI-D cable after 10.9.1 has loaded, and then make adjustments in Display (SysPrefs). Build - Z68X Sandy Bridge mobo i5 3570 Ivy Bridge chip. Asus GT 210 chip. Thanks for any help.
  12. [Guide] [Mavericks & Yosemite] AMD Radeon HD5450

    I have a GT210. I bought it because my 2560x1440 monitor only has one DVI-D input, and my onboard Sandy bridge motherboard cannot output DVI at that high a resolution - it only goes up to 1920x1200 I think. Well i'm having some issues, the system does recognise it but a)it always runs at full speed and b)I can't boot with the cable plugged in to it, and it only works if it's a secondary display to another crappy 1080p HDMI monitor. I try making it primary display in BIOS but it just throws up errors during boot.