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Display doesn't wake from sleep when using proper framebuffer

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Hello all,

Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section - I essentially have an issue waking from sleep, but it is definitely related to my graphics card.

I have an XFX 6570, which works fine. If I don't specify which framebuffer to use (using ATIConfig=), it defaults to the generic one. In "About my mac" it displays the graphics card as a 6*** series as expected, and I lose some functionality (steam, IMovie etc) but sleep works perfectly - both sleeping and waking up. If, however, I specify the framebuffer to use (Ipothoea seems to work well, although I get good results from a number of others) it correctly identifies the card as 6570, steam and IMovie work great, but the monitor will not wake up from sleep.

Anyone got any suggestions? I've done plenty of reading but not found anything of help. I've tried several different values for darkwake too but to no avail.


Thanks in advance, also thanks to all for this awesome forum - it has helped me out many times without the need to post anything.

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I encountered the same issue with HD5570. No matter what framebuffer I choose the display will not wake up.

A solution came with patched connectors


SenseID and HotplugID must be corrected individually to make all working. No common rule here.

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