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Headphones and usb storage not working Hp 6730b


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Hi everyone ! 


I have managed to install leopard 10.6.3 on hp 6730b and i have some issues.


First of all can't get qe/ci because i have intel 4500m , i have managed to get native resolution but it feels like the screen shakes when you notice carefully .


Headphones don't work . I have voodoohda 0.2.1 installed and they are not detected . When i try other versions like voodoohda 0.2.73 it detects the headphones but no sound comes out , either from the speakers or the headphones. 


Usb storage are not detected . Mouse is detected fine but usb sticks for example are not .


And also when playing flash games in miniclip every now and then i hear my cpu out of nowhere get high and make noise, and later stops . Also the dvd rom for some reason every now and then checks for something although there is nothing inside.


Can anyone please help me out??


I would really appreciate it 


Thanks a lot 

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