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  1. I have a probook 4540s , i5 3230m, 6gb ram , intel hd 4000 + amd radeon 7650m. This issue happens most of the time when the windows 8 is left at idle for about 5-10 minutes and trying to reboot to get into mavericks. Then it just stucks on grey screen without working the cpu or disk. After disabling radeon 7650 (patching dsdt and ssdt sgtable)on mavericks i still get this issue. I'm desperate. It's weird that other probook 4540s users (with discrete graphics card or not) are not getting this issue. When Mavericks wil is stuck and i shutdown and power on it then boots fine. My bios settings are legacy boot enabled , wake on lan/usb disabled, virtualization disabled ,fastboot disabled, ahci enabled and version is f.43. Previously it was f.42 and i updated it . Basically my procedure to install mavericks and windows was to boot with the installation disk, create two partitions, one for mac journaled extended and other for ms dos for windows. Installed windows and afterwards mavericks. I still don't understand why this issue happens. If anyone has found a workaround please let me know. Another strange issue is that touchpad won't work before i put my password to login. What i mean is when i am on login screen of mavericks, i can't use touchpad which is strange. Is it a problem with chameleon ? I have set default partition windows and i just choose the mac partition when i want to boot to mac. I havent changed any other settings in chamaleon .Should i use easybcd from windows to dual boot? Or chimera? I'm thinking of using easybcd to access chameleon to fix it. Another option is to install mountain lion instead but not sure if this will fix my issue. If anyone has any suggestions please share it because i don't like having to reset my notebook in order to get to mavericks. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone ! I have managed to install leopard 10.6.3 on hp 6730b and i have some issues. First of all can't get qe/ci because i have intel 4500m , i have managed to get native resolution but it feels like the screen shakes when you notice carefully . Headphones don't work . I have voodoohda 0.2.1 installed and they are not detected . When i try other versions like voodoohda 0.2.73 it detects the headphones but no sound comes out , either from the speakers or the headphones. Usb storage are not detected . Mouse is detected fine but usb sticks for example are not . And also when playing flash games in miniclip every now and then i hear my cpu out of nowhere get high and make noise, and later stops . Also the dvd rom for some reason every now and then checks for something although there is nothing inside. Can anyone please help me out?? I would really appreciate it Thanks a lot