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Strange Intel 82579V "Detected Hardware Unit Hang" when under heavy load with AppleIntel1000e


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Hey all,


I've got major stability issues with this combination when moving large files at maximum throughput ~100MB/s over gigabit to SMB server from OSX 10.9.

During high traffic (and only high traffic, as in 1000base file transfers for about 5-7 minutes), after a few gigabytes of data transfer, the connection hangs. Basically, pages will not load, cannot ping out anything. Removing and re-adding the connection from the network pane in settings does not solve the problem. The only solution is to do a restart on the machine. This only happens during high bandwidth transfers. Console messages report "Detected Hardware Unit Hang" which when combined with the 82579v controller, results in the following.

I traced the issue to any of these identical issues reported by other individuals, see: 







The only solution posted by anyone is to disable TSO. In unix, this can be done via "ethtool -K eno1 tso off"


The equivalent in OSX is "sudo ifconfig en0 -tso". However, I get the message "ifconfig: -tso: Operation not supported on socket" when attempting this. Not sure how else I can turn off TSO for the controller.


As it stands, the problem is very deterministic and i have a good approach at triggering it.


I created a dummy file of size 20GB. I simply drop it into an SMB share, and about 75% of the time, the controller will hang before the transfer is complete.



Using AppleIntel100e Version: 2.5.4


Any help is appreciated.



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Im going to leave this one here since I already posted it. However, upon reading the lengthy pinned topic on the AppleIntelE1000 driver, it seems like the thread is riddled with users experiencing very similar issues. In specific, many report seeing the same error, "failed to getphysicalsegment in ouputPacket".


I'm going to assume that this is a related or identical issue to those reported in that thread and continue there.



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Version: 2.4.14


Enables Intel 825xx ethernet controllers. hnak's port of the e1000.sourceforge.net Intel Wired Ethernet for Linux driver.

It is strongly advised to use the 2.4.14 version, which is very stable. This kext has been uploaded as the newest versions (i.e. 2.5.4d) are very unstable after some days of heavy usage.




Author:    Thireus

Platforms:    Mac OS X

Date:    November 4, 2013

If like me and maaaaannny other Mavericks users even on real Macs you are experiencing SMB problems in Mavericks (copying files from a Windows PC via network) --> fix


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