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  1. Downgrading to 2.4.14 fixed my issues. I did not however change the MTU, and so far I have not had any issues or link drops. Thank you.
  2. I had some severe stability issues with 2.5.4 as well on a 82579V controller. I posted a thread here about it before reading through this one. The thread is here. Anyways I can confirm that all my issues went away after downgrading to 2.4.14
  3. Im going to leave this one here since I already posted it. However, upon reading the lengthy pinned topic on the AppleIntelE1000 driver, it seems like the thread is riddled with users experiencing very similar issues. In specific, many report seeing the same error, "failed to getphysicalsegment in ouputPacket". I'm going to assume that this is a related or identical issue to those reported in that thread and continue there. Thanks.
  4. Hey all, I've got major stability issues with this combination when moving large files at maximum throughput ~100MB/s over gigabit to SMB server from OSX 10.9. During high traffic (and only high traffic, as in 1000base file transfers for about 5-7 minutes), after a few gigabytes of data transfer, the connection hangs. Basically, pages will not load, cannot ping out anything. Removing and re-adding the connection from the network pane in settings does not solve the problem. The only solution is to do a restart on the machine. This only happens during high bandwidth transfers. Console messages report "Detected Hardware Unit Hang" which when combined with the 82579v controller, results in the following. I traced the issue to any of these identical issues reported by other individuals, see: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1268854#p1268854 https://forum.transmissionbt.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13500 http://www.linuxcumsa.ro/ubuntu-13-04-eth1-detected-hardware-unit-hang/content/54/5491.html http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2140799 The only solution posted by anyone is to disable TSO. In unix, this can be done via "ethtool -K eno1 tso off" The equivalent in OSX is "sudo ifconfig en0 -tso". However, I get the message "ifconfig: -tso: Operation not supported on socket" when attempting this. Not sure how else I can turn off TSO for the controller. As it stands, the problem is very deterministic and i have a good approach at triggering it. I created a dummy file of size 20GB. I simply drop it into an SMB share, and about 75% of the time, the controller will hang before the transfer is complete. Using AppleIntel100e Version: 2.5.4 Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I can also confirm that my previous (file read/write error issue) which actually turned out to be sourcing form the ASM controller is now resolved. Thanks Zenith432 for the hard work! Also surprising that the ASM controller is actually faster than the Intel...
  6. Can't say that I don't feel stupid. You are correct. I always assumed that the upper 2 ports were the Intel ports as they worked after installing your driver. I guess it was the ASM ports that were working before for some reason (EDIT: i see your post about changes from 10.8-10.9 that effect the ASM1042. Thats probably why they stopped working). All works well now. Thank you!
  7. Still got my issue with no idle and usb2 defer flags and z77. With as much info as I can provide to describe my issue with 1.27 and 10.9 (only having this problem in 10.9, all versions work with 10.8.5). Attached is IO reg export and error. Borna. ioRegExport.zip
  8. Thanks for your support. Tried that. Same issue. Its quiet odd. All structures and substructures are properly enumerated but cant actually read any of the files without some OS error. Let me know if i could provide any other diagnostics info. Borna.
  9. Update on my issue with 10.9: ASUS Gene V 2500K Using 7 series port on back Latest GenericUSBXHCI available. 10.8.5 - All works without issues. 10.9 (retail) - USB3 Drive (Seagate 2TB) detected and mounting but reading/writing give errors (as attached).
  10. Ive still got issues one a Z77 board with 1.2.6d8 and 10.9 as well (no issues in 10.8.5 or earlier). My issues are kind of really strange with 10.9. USB3 recognized and detects mass storage (seagate drive). However, while the disk is browsable and all files are listed in finder, attempting to open any files written to the disk causes IO errors and corruption messages form OSX. Basically you can browse files but cannot read them properly. Booting into 10.8.5 and everything works. No corruption warnings and everything functions as before. Z77 (Gene V) - i5 2500k Installed in S/L/E Made sure kext is in the exception plist with proper version Also tried using the temporary flag "-gux_nosleep" without avail Just posting this as a heads up so it can be cross referenced with issues experienced by others. Borna.