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Asus Z87-Pro: Setup help, please.

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Hello Everyone,


The short version is that after receiving two defective Gigabyte motherboards, I decided (based on a few recommendations) to try the Asus Z87-Pro.


This has been verified working in OS X 10.9 on the wiki, so it should work. However, even though the information about this board in the Hackintosh community is very limited, there does seem to be some issues with getting this going.


This appears to be due to the was Asus handles their BIOS power management. Gigabyte, being "unlocked" allows for OOB performance, whereas Asus isn't, meaning.....this is where I'm stumped.


Also, a member of another forum mentioned something about copying the Boot file and /Extras to the EFI partition, and then "making it active."


Needless to say, I'm a tad confused.


I currently have a working and stable system, but am looking for some advice as to how to make the transition to this new motherboard as painless as possible.


So, with that said, here are my goals.


1. Dual boot Windows 8.1 / OS X (working now)

2. Overclock i7-4770k to at least 4.3Ghz (working now)

3. Get other features working (Sleep, Bluetooth, USB, etc)


So, if any of you wouldn't mind, could you please help me get this up and running? The board will be arriving on Monday/Tuesday so I would like to have as much knowledge as possible, and any additional software/hardware steps done in the meantime.


Thanks so much,



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