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GA-Z87X-UD5H Alternative - Please Help!

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Hi All,


First off, please forgive me, but I am absolutely livid right now. I'll post the story below for those who are interested, but for now I'll cut to the chase. I need a known working replacement for the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H.



I would like to find something (from a different manufacturer) that is equivalent to this motherboard. If possible, it would be nice to have built in bluetooth.


Any suggestions?


CPU - i7-4770k

GPU - GTX 780 SC

RAM - 16GB (1600)

SSD - 2 Sandisk

HDD - 3 TB Barracuda

Cooler Master - v700 PCU 


Now...for the story.


This is my first Hackintosh. Using some online advice I chose the GA-Z87X-UD5H as the motherboard. Within a few days of installing it, the two USB ports on the back and the optional 3.5" didn't work.


I emailed technical support, posted on their Facebook page, and official forums. I heard nothing. 


So, instead of waiting around like a sucker, I contacted Amazon and they shipped a replacement that arrived the next day. I unplugged everything, plugged it all back into the new board and tested it out. It all seemed to work. All USB ports were testing good, and I chalked it up to having a bad board.


A few days go by and I decide to replace my EVO 1212 fans with some Corsair versions, and use the Cooler Master in the front of the case (I'm over clocking the 4770k and wanted to see if I could cool it off a bit).


So, I plugged the fans in, closed up the case and BAM....now the only USB ports that are working are the two 2.0 and 3.0 on the top of the case. No other ports work at all.


Thinking that perhaps my PCU isn't powerful enough (although it should be) to power the USB, I reverse all the changes I made back to stock. Nope, the USB ports no longer work. 


Then, I check my email, and looky here, Gigabyte emailed me back. What technical support did they give? A few stupid questions like, "Did you try other USB ports?" and "Did you try a fresh version of Windows?"


I snapped on them. Five days later and that is what they call technical support?


So anyway, I've had it with Gigabyte. The company has terrible customer service, and the same exact issue happened twice with two separate motherboards. My hopes are that I can find a replacement brand that will work flawlessly in this Hackintosh, and I can be done with Gigabyte. 


So, I really hope you guys can help me find something new. I'll contact Amazon and get them to refund my money and I'll order the new one ASAP.


Thank you so much! 



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Hi Guys, have the same MB and just yesterday I had the 6 USB ports of the back panel die on me. None of them is working anymore.

Also in the bios setup no usb mouse of keyboard works when plugged into a back panel connection.

Tried different OSes but in none of them the back panel usb connections are working, a hardware problem if you ask me.


If I can I would like to switch to ASUS for the MB but what board can be used that has about the same features and works wel with OS X ? Any suggestions on this front ?


Has anyone been able to solve the USB back panel connections problem without replacing the MB ?


Config is in signature

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