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Inconsistent shutdown hangs since update to Mavericks

Bit Shoveler

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I recently installed Mavericks on the old Core 2 Quad Hack in my signature (had been running Lion). When I did, I cleaned up a bunch of kexts that didn't seem to be needed any more. One of these was OpenHaltRestart.kext.


Since then, sleep works again (yay!!), and restart is just fine, but shutting down is inconsistent. Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it takes about 8 seconds after the video goes off, sometimes 25 seconds… and sometimes it just hangs with the power on indefinitely. Usually if I hit the reset button and reboot all the way back to Mavericks, the second shutdown goes better, but this morning it took 2 resets.


I already have a custom DSDT. I confess I'm using Chimera as a bootloader, but I'm now on the Chameleon dev team, mostly working cleanup items, so that will change in the next couple days.


Is there a way to make shutdown work without using a hacky kext? (Is this in a FAQ or wiki somewhere?) I can provide more info, e.g. DSDT source and DarwinDumper info, later tonight when I get home from work. Thanks.

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