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Hackintosh configuration?

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Hi guys, this is my first hackintosh configuration, i've never built one before, but i made 2 windows based computers this year so more or less i generally know how building works.


PSU: Corsair VS350 350W

MB: Gigabyte GA-H87-HD3

CPU: Intel Core i3 4330

RAM: Corsair Classic XMS3 4GB

HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA 500GB 7200RPM


I'm building this for a friend of mine.

He says he knows how to install MacOSx, but i don't, so for now i just want to know if Mavericks would be fully operating with this config.



PS: sorry if my english isn't the best one

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I just set up a similiar rig with i3-4330 and GA-H87M-D3H (D3H=Realtek-LAN-chip; DH3=Intel-LAN-chip, both chips are supported). I would choose the cheaper one.


DON'T take the GA-H81M-DS2! It has only a Sub-D/VGA-out, which isn't supported by OSX. So you save 40 bucks buying this board, but you'll have spend them getting a graphics card...


To get better compatibility change i3 for an i5 (Apple doesn't use any i3 afaik and so there are some unsupported cpus errors in powermanagement - but the machine will work never the less).


Have fun!

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So what about this?

PSU: VS350 350W

Motherboard: GA-H87M-HD3

CPU: i3 4330

RAM: Classic XMS3 4GB is it supported?

HD: Caviar Black 500GB 7200RPM tonymac reccomends it


Thanks to everybody

OSX will not care about your PSU and RAM model as well as a brandname of a body.  :hysterical:

I also will not recommend you to mention tony at this site.

This hardware configuration looks to be very compatible with Hackintosh.

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