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Hi, everyone! It seems that I have a problem that less than 10 people in this planet have it (i guess)

I am 100% sure my laptop is hardware compatible to run Mac OS (you can ask me for specs if you want)


Why I am writing here?

I am writing here because I just cannot boot iAtkos ML2 on my Dell Inspiron 17R n5721.


What I am trying to do?

I want to triple or at least dual boot my newly purchased laptop with (Mac OS Mountain Lion + Windows 7 + Kali Linux)


What i have tried?

I followed this tutorial over here

and everything seemed OK, but unfortunately when I set USB to be the first Booting Device in BIOS and actually boot the USB Thumb drive I have created earlier it just kept on restarting and restarting.

NOTE: I have used VmWare (with iAtkos ML2 virtually mounted on it) to create the USB Thumb Drive


What i have tried? (part 2)

Ok, I followed Shaneee's advice from here

to remove KernelPatcher.dylib from Extras folder and I really passed the "kernel" problem, BUT another problem came along...


For what problem I am talking about?

Here is a Video I made 10 mintes ago...

and just 10sec after the video it shows me this... (look attached image)




I will be really pleased if someone in this world help me out with this. Thank you!


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Excuse me but... Give support for disto installation is waste time for you and for who will help you...

My advice: Choice retial installation, like you said your laptop is compatible, so you'll get more with retail installation than with distro...

I gave to you a solution by PM...

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