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[Help] Triple Monitor on 7850 2GB Issues


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My settings:

DP = DisplayPort

GraphicsEnabler= Yes (otherwise i dont get acceleration, laggy animations etc..)

Default Framebuffer = Futomaki (originally, only one screen would work on only 1 port, DisplayPort 2)

After hours and pages and txt documentation of what i have done, ive finally was able to get all 4 ports working (DP1, DP2, HDMI, DVI1) (Once again DVI2 (bottom), did not even tried to fix it since i dont use it)

Dual monitor works with any combination of the 4 ports (didnt test DP1+DP2, since i only got 1 DP cable) that is, DP1+HDMI, DP2+HDMI, DVI1+HDMI, DP1+DVI1,DP2+DVI1

Triple monitor works if i use GraphicsEnabler=no, but again, i get no acceleration (i have to use the sleep trick, otherwise at start up only one screen works)

My system does not use DSDT.aml, so i cant inject my card through dsdt.aml




i have just patched my own personality to get all ports working on my HD 7850 (it has 5 ports, and patched it to have the top 4 work, since i dont need the bottom DVI)


Now, all of these ports work with a single monitor and dual monitor as explained above. However, as soon as i plug in the third screen (DVI1+HDMI+DP1 or DVI1+HDMI+DP2, all my screens get re-arranged, which means it gets detected) , DP1 and HDMI works and DVI gives me a black screen.. if i tried to do something.. i get the spinning circle on the mouse and im not able to move anything, exept the mouse.. if i unplug the any of the three screens, then it goes back to normal and the two remaining screens begin to function normally again..


Any ideas on how to get the third monitor to work?




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