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iMessage in VMware Workstation

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Hi All,


Well I have made some progress with some scripts and hacks, but still cannot get the account to activate. Will to change the efi to (Chimera) to see if it allows activation of iMessage. If it does I will do an export of the hardware and nvram values to determine what's preventing the activation..


Here is where I have gotten to so far, sign in and enabled but iMessage still says inactive. I also did NOT receive a notification on my iPhone that the Mac was using the iMessage.




What I am afraid of is it might require a legitimate apple serial in which case we are toast, because that would require us to have Macs ergo negating the need to have a VM OSX.


If anyone has any ideas let me know..


@Donk: If you would check on your mac if your Mavericks guest (with iMessage working) has the same serial as your host?

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Hi sorry for delay but work got very busy before Christmas. I have found out it is a known issue at VMware and they are tracking it as a bug. Your only option is to take a more Hackintosh approach to the VM, using something like Chameleon to boot the VM. I haven't touched that in years but maybe someone else could help.

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