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Mac EFI firmware direct booting of Linux, Windows

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I found this article: http://glandium.org/blog/?p=2830

Has anyone done this exclusively, and not used rEFIt or rEFInd?

Why is he using hard links; why does he not just put the individual grub.efi in /efi/boot (located at FAT32 ESP) and bless them?  EDIT: the answer is here, although I don't understand it all.  Apparently, OS X likes to delete your NVRAM handiwork of specifying the location of the boot loaders.


How would I install Windows x64 on my Mac's 32-bit EFI?  Here's a quote from arstechnica http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?p=2361539

" I got Windows 7 x64 working on a MacBookPro2,1 (the first Core2Duo MacBook's). It freezes when trying to boot from the x64 DVD as my laptop used to. The solution is to boot from a X32 CD, format the drive, swap disks to a x64 disk, robocopy /MIR %CDROM% %HARDDISK% and then remove the CD and reboot. It will boot into a Vista x64 install. From here you run through the install *without* formatting and you're good to go. As per usual, you can use a recent MacBook Leopard restore disk to get the latest drivers to install.
An advantage exists if you install the Windows 7 WinPE via the WAIK CD, then you can actually execute the x64 setup.exe from the DVD and format your hard disk.  "


Does that really work?


Is CSM-BIOS mode the best option for me, since I have a 32-bit EFI?

Is it the best option if I want to use some 32 bit OS and some 64 bit OS?

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