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  1. I found this article: http://glandium.org/blog/?p=2830 Has anyone done this exclusively, and not used rEFIt or rEFInd? Why is he using hard links; why does he not just put the individual grub.efi in /efi/boot (located at FAT32 ESP) and bless them? EDIT: the answer is here, although I don't understand it all. Apparently, OS X likes to delete your NVRAM handiwork of specifying the location of the boot loaders. How would I install Windows x64 on my Mac's 32-bit EFI? Here's a quote from arstechnica http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?p=2361539 " I got Windows 7 x64 working on a MacBookPro2,1 (the first Core2Duo MacBook's). It freezes when trying to boot from the x64 DVD as my laptop used to. The solution is to boot from a X32 CD, format the drive, swap disks to a x64 disk, robocopy /MIR %CDROM% %HARDDISK% and then remove the CD and reboot. It will boot into a Vista x64 install. From here you run through the install *without* formatting and you're good to go. As per usual, you can use a recent MacBook Leopard restore disk to get the latest drivers to install. An advantage exists if you install the Windows 7 WinPE via the WAIK CD, then you can actually execute the x64 setup.exe from the DVD and format your hard disk. " Does that really work? Is CSM-BIOS mode the best option for me, since I have a 32-bit EFI? Is it the best option if I want to use some 32 bit OS and some 64 bit OS?
  2. refit menu issue

    Can you first back-up the GPT or MBR? I forget which, the rEFIt sync tool will use as the master. If you have it backed up, you can change to your hearts content, and restore it if you mess up.