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GeForce 7600GT / 7300LE 32bit ?


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Hello guys !

First of all thank you for your hudge work !

I have a few questions for you, I installed ML 10.8.5 with the following configuration : 

Motherboard : GA-EP31-DS3L

Graphics : Nvidia GeForce 7600GT (I also have a GeForce 7300LE but I don't connect both at the same time)
RAM : 3Go DDR2
Proc : Intel Core2Duo 1.86 GHz

The installation was successful, I had to take driver for sound and ethernet and it all worked perfectly. But I can't manage to get my graphic card working, I only can have 1024x768 resolution with lots of graphic lag and bug.. I tried the EFI method, Natit/NVEnabler kext without success. With these I have to boot in safe mod (-x).

With NVInject, my computer boot with these graphics problems.

I saw in a thread that these card are 32bit so incompatible with 10.8.x, is it true ? 

If yes can you guys give me some advice about a cheap graphics card that work well with hackintosh (OOB if it is possible)

Sorry to bother you with my problem and thanks in advance !

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