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MSI GeForce 210 Black Screen

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Hello friends,


I got a nice GeForce 210 as a gift to my hackintosh, but i simply can't get it to work. I have two versions of OSX, one with 10.6.8 as backup, and another that had ML, now has Mavericks. On SL it works fine, fast and with transparency and smooth graphs... On Mavericks, only a black screen, if i remove nvidia kexts, i get video, if i put them back, black screen after a successful boot...


I'm with latest myHack and chameleon, no NVCAP nor any other inject but "GraphicsEnabler=Yes"

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it should work


this card has a native support




maybe you should try to boot with VGA Connector


Yep, bought the card based on that, both dvi and vga ports return black screen. If i revert to onboard 945 intel i get to system, as so if i remove nvidia kexts. I'm booting with chameleon, but no go with graphics...


Edit: I took the 10.6.8 kexts and put here. Now video is working, but no acceleration, nor multi screen support working.

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