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  1. ishnigarrab(br)

    Dell Inspiron 3542 enable graphics

    I did this, but nothing... In the guide I linked on the first post, there is some SSDT files, so I assume they inject the code, but since the files are binary and all DSDT editors seems old or with broken links...
  2. ishnigarrab(br)

    Dell Inspiron 3542 enable graphics

    Thx WaldMeister, I will try to find patches for my device... Mine is 8086:04a6... Strangely, when I set it to 0A168086 in config.plist, boot, fix to the default (04128086), then reboot again, I get it to work flawless, but if I reboot again, it won't work anymore...
  3. Hello there! So, I got OS X macOS Sierra to work on my Inspiron, I used this to get the files for Clover, the problem is that now I need to enable the HD4400... I tried placing both FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext, but then all I got was a lot of garbled graphics... So I removed the later one, and system is stable, but with some graphics fragments here and there... Another funny fact is that my wifi is a Broadcom BCM94313HMGB, and I get bluetooth, but no Wifi... Is there any way to get wifi from it? I appreciate any help and/or advice...
  4. ishnigarrab(br)

    Disable SpeedStep on a Late 2011 MBP with Yosemite

    Yep, it is: 14 0 0xffffff7f80e1e000 0x2000 0x2000 org.tgwbd.driver.NullCPUPowerManagement (1.0.0d2) <7 4 3> Sure I should get it... The problem is that my country's currency (BRL) is devaluating so fast that I can't be sure that I can pay for it next month... And even if I buy it from china, it will be a month or two before I get it... The MBP is my sole computer for now, so I'm working super slow due to it's slugness... At least the developer tools I use make more heavy use of ram, so they works, only a bit slow, but they work...
  5. ishnigarrab(br)

    Desabilitar SpeedStep no MBP Final de 2011 com Yosemite

    Olá amigos, então, fiz algumas pesquisas mas não consegui resolver... Testei o metodo mensionado aqui nesse post, ele ajuda com o problema dos processos que consomem todo o CPU... Mas não ajuda a aumentar a potencia do processador... Um user do StackExchange disse que tentou patchear o kernel, mas não deu certo, imagino que seja por causa do fato que o controle de energia só é integrado ao kernel para processadores do Ivy Bridge pra cima, e o meu é um Sandy Bridge... Removi as duas kexts AppleIntelPowerManagement, e instalei a NullCPUPowerManagement, mas continuei sem nenhum ganho. Testei o SMCFanControl e funcionou sem problemas, então acredito que qualquer solução que ajude a aumentar a potencia do processador já basta, uma vez que eu posso aumentar a velocidade do cooler a medida que for preciso... Enfim, se alguém tiver alguma solução que possa ajudar a aumentar o clock em qualquer quantidade (50% da velocidade com certeza é melhor do que os cerca de 12% que tenho hoje...), por favor me avise, aponte um caminho, pois está complicado de arrumar a bateria nova... Aqui querem me cobrar 600 reais, e já tem gente cobrando mais de mil reais no Mercado Livre... E com esse dolar disparando, comprar fora vai ficando cada vez mais impossivel...
  6. ishnigarrab(br)

    Disable SpeedStep on a Late 2011 MBP with Yosemite

    So, after researching more and trying other methods, what can I say: This question and it's answer pointing here will help you with problems where processes take a lot of percentage from the processing time. Doing the trick will turn your macbook useable, but the Ghz will stay at minimum. The new kernel power management works only from Ivy Bridge forward, so Macs equiped with Sandy Bridge or older processors still using the old power management and therefore the kernel patch won't work. Removing AppleIntelPowerManagement kexts won't help, and NullCPUPowerManagement won't help too... I Still get the same 0.8Ghz. Using apps like SMCFanControl will help with controlling the fans, so any reply that helps getting the original clock are welcome and the chance of burning the processor due to heat are diminished. If someone can help me getting the extra Ghz (1Ghz, 1.5Ghz, 2Ghz... Any more power is good!) please reply!
  7. ishnigarrab(br)

    Nvidia Geforce 210

    Amigo, já tive uma dessa... Comigo parecia reconhecer, mas tudo ficava lento, tornando evidente que não tinha reconhecido de verdade... Você está usando qual saída? (VGA/DVI/HDMI)? Está usando algum adaptador? Qual é a fabricante da Placa? (MSI/Asus/Point of View/etc...) Com isso posso tentar te ajudar, mas eu quando tinha uma não pegou de jeito nenhum...
  8. ishnigarrab(br)

    Disable SpeedStep on a Late 2011 MBP with Yosemite

    I tried it... Crashed with kernel panic at boot... I will try again and see if I can get yosemite to boot... I've read that Yosemite kernel brought the power management to inside the kernel, if thats true, I guess I will have to wait to buy a new battery and stay with windows...
  9. ishnigarrab(br)

    Disable SpeedStep on a Late 2011 MBP with Yosemite

    Yep... I tried the solution proposed here, but I'm still with a very slow machine... I'm using the Intel Power Gadget, and it reports my CPU running at 0,8 GHz! It wont go up or down, just stays at 0,8...
  10. Hello friends! Today I need your help again, my battery died, so I removed it, but now my computer is running very slow, the fans wont turn up, and the performance in general is very poor! I read that this is a common problem on the Mac when you remove the battery, and has something to do with the power management. I found some proposed solutions too, but none specific for OSX Yosemite. I thought of installing NullCPUPowerManagement kext, but didn't tried it yet. Thank you in advance for any help, link or advice!
  11. Olá amigos! Estou com uma dúvida. Desde que a bateria do meu MacBook morreu, ele fica super lento, com os processos consumindo muito processador e demorando demais pra fazer qualquer coisa. Li na internet que esse problema é comum, mas achei apenas soluções pro OSX 10.7 e 10.8... Pensei em installar o NullCPUPoweManagement, mas não sei se seria uma boa... Se alguém tiver uma dica ou recomendação, eu agradeço!
  12. ishnigarrab(br)

    MacBook Pro Late 2011 Dual Monitors

    Since I replied here, I searched more, and I found this Apple support page (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT5219), where they clarify that my computer supports a single Thunderbolt Display, or Two with the main screen turned off... But there is no info about the Daisy Channel with DisplayPort... Well It seems that I will need to settle on one monitor only...
  13. ishnigarrab(br)

    MacBook Pro Late 2011 Dual Monitors

    Hey @vusun123, thanks for the quick reply! I did the search, and I found two situations: 1. The guy has a thunderbolt 2 mac, so he can daisy chain with no problem, as it is compatible with displayport 2.0 spec... 2. Guy with old mac, using one monitor on thunderbolt, and another on USB, so he has a good monitor and a laggy monitor... I want to know if it is possible to use Daisy Chain on a mac with thunderbolt 1 (As my Macbook Pro Late 2011) Your mac (Per your signature), seems to be a thunderbolt 1 as well, did you ever used daisy chain with non apple monitors?
  14. Hello Friends! After many years playing with hackintosh, i got an MBP Late 2011 for a relatively cheap price, and I'm very happy with it! I've been using it as my daily driver for some time, as a programmer, and it fits well into my routine. Now I want to buy 2 monitors to work better at home, and I want to know if it is possible to use more than one monitor with the MBP, and what setup works best. I've read some tips about Daisy Chain Dell monitors, but as my MBP has the first thunderbolt, I don`t know if it will work... If someone shine some light on what I must do to get it working (If it is possible), I will be grateful! Thanks in advance for any help!
  15. ishnigarrab(br)

    Hackintosh de Pobre

    clebersonmig: Valeu pela dica! Vou juntar mais e comprar a B75M D3H mesmo, todo mundo fala bem, e como estou montando o PC pra ficar muito tempo, melhor esperar pra comprar algo melhor! Vou aproveitar hoje e vou misturar meu pc windows e o hack pra ver se dá um caldo... Vai ficar mais ou menos como na assinatura agora, mas com outros HD's... Uma duvida, é que na Wiki, na parte da VGA HD 5770, o cara disse que precisou usar uma kext "PIEROF81Inject.kext Edited by me". Alguém tem idéia do que isso quer dizer? pesquisei pela Kext, mas não achei nada...