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Mavericks on Asus G73JH

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Hi, I would like to know if someone successfully installed Mavericks on the laptop Asus G73JH, with everything working.

If it's the case, the way to.


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drone4zone, your answer is as useless as t-i-t-s on a bull!

You are what is wrong with all Hackintosh communities! 

If you can't type a real answer then stfu!



nouatzi,  I used the MyHack usb installer maker( default install ) and it booted on my G73JH then installed 10.9 on an external HD.

I was working on an other Hackingtosh of mine so I don't know what the outcome will be on the laptop.   


You could start with MyHack.


I'll be installing 10.9 on the G73GH today. I'll keep you informed.


2014-01-14 @9:47PM - 10.9.0 is installed on my G73JH BUT - no WiFi, only 1400x1050 resolution, Keyboard works, No RJ45,  Sound with voodoo but it's not perfect. 

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NOYFB...FYI..been there  done  myHack......done [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]  as well ...tried various personalities with frame buffers "Nomasus" seemed to show 5800 series in sys profiler ,tried to use nullCpuPowerMangement kext and without, in order to get  sleep working,without any success .I get black screen at times and have to do a hard shut down via power key hold...I will ignore your comment about "stfu" since people do make mistakes.Dont be a rude Hater,it will get you nowhere,I stand corrected  for not  posting this info,It's not perfect but here it is

As far as sharing my install process it's  been a various choice using USB 8GB  stick,along with free app store Mavericks "download app file" make sure it's placed in Applications folder for [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to work ,use another mac, my hack works the easiest and smooth you have to add  Aty netkas 64 bit kext to get Ati5870m  working ,drag it into  extra folder before boot...Mutibeast was  another way to create  usb stick boot with "GraphicsEnabler=no" and -v to see if you boot has any issues

I have not really used Clover ,but heard some people have been successful,with use Ati rom and  graphics enabler no.

I read something about Asus remapped the pins in a backward way in their PCIe slot it's a MXM2.1b series I imagine,I have it working perfectly in ubuntu,and win 7,8 version  platforms display sleeps and awakes and changes resolution ...

so far this is what I have working  note that my G73JH series is the  "BestBuy" version which kinda sucks without the 1920x1080 led panel,has 1600x900 and an intel centrino clear wifi which is not compatible with any version  osX platform ,what I did was get a orig G73JH off ebay for $5 free shipping I lucked out  and added  AirPortAtheros40Kext and it  recognized airport perfectly...I don't have bluetooth   not with my version,have two Hard drives  one with  Mavericks and other windows 7,8,ubuntu Ultimate version.

audio has been interesting sofar voodoo 8.4 universal installer seemed to work but it's buggy with mic feedback you can fix it with  plist  edit 

volume fix=true and mic=true. I have  a kext that is patched with 269codec for this G73JH but haven't really tried it yet ,been focused on video issue mostly,but here is what I have

keyboard backlight working  patched dsdt

wifi airport

audio voodoo version 8.4 buggy but ok mic works

Trackpad with 3 finger gestures work awesome  with "Rehabman ps2 custom kext

Battery icon Hardware sensors GPU,Cpu thermal working  rehab man  Fakekext with built in plugins 

turbo boost works you have to boot into bios to set it  normal or turbo,maybe there is a  kext for the hot key have not really checked.


here you can get  kexts  and additional  tweaks to get you running  without Graphics sleep. I just set my  laptop to not sleep  screen saver works fine ,just don't let your display fade to sleep otherwise you have to hard shut down again ,thats where I'm at so far ,maybe  the Graphics is an easy fix I'm hoping .


here is link to kexts I used                    




I included patch dsdt file for  backlight keys...also if it doesn't work for you, patch your own  easy just run  app MaciASL and apply,save your dsdt patch in document and  copy past txt 07Backlight. with your own,drag into  extras folder. you have to use  ctrl,Alt,+,-, key to enable ,they will adjust 3 stages low med high + -  while holding  ctrl and  Alt  along with +,- keys also patch HDAkext should work ,not sure about IO80211Family kext I used the AirPortAthrose40 kext to work just enable  in system preferences networks.If you need any info let me know .


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Here is where i'm  stuck I'm assuming this is  a "Clarksfield" type  based on  various reviews on this Laptop...


Clarksfield (microprocessor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Intel's Sandy Bridge vs. Arrandale and Clarksfield: A Comparison | News & Opinion | PCMag.com



In all OS X systems up to and including Sandy Bridge, native power management was enabled by ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext, a plugin in IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext. For Ivy Bridge processors, native power management is enabled with the X86PlatformPlugin.kext. HD3000 processors on a 7 Series motherboard should not use Ivy Bridge power management. 

I'm thinking a  DSDT from windows or Linux  may be the way  scratching  my head  here to get true value? which "ClarksField" needs to map "NONE(must use with Discrete graphics) ..to be continued I need a beer !

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It is Clarksfield.


Sandy Bridge came after so I guess ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext in IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext is correct. 

But I fail to figure out what you are trying to achieve. wake from sleep? 



dron4zone, I think I will start a new thread for the Asus J73JH. I will be abel to update the main post with all the information we gather for 10.9.

I don't think nouatzi is active. I saw his post on tony#@$#@$. He said he got his up and running. 

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    yes,seems it wakes but the screen is white and distorted...maybe  ACPI_SMCPlatformPlugin.kext needs to be edited?

Sounds good ...I was about to go back to Snow Leopard LOL..I'm having issue now sounds tweaks choppy without  nullCpuPowerMangement.kext..I have a few kexts  from iAtkos ML2 I may try 

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